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Both Gerry and Seamus are distinguished musicians in the world of traditional Irish and Scottish music.

Within Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (the governing body of traditional Irish music), they have jointly accumulated over 20 "All Britain" and 6 "All Ireland" titles on both Accordion and Piano and have provided a link to the relevant documentation to authenticate their claims. With regard to Scottish music, Gerry won the "All Britain" Scottish Traditional Piano Accordion Championships in 1982 and both Gerry and Seamus have played as individual guest artists at the Orkney Accordion and Fiddle Festival and the world renowned Shetland Folk Festival. Additionally, Seamus regularly performs, and is highly regarded, as the guest artist at the various Accordion and Fiddle clubs throughout Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

Their unique blend of Celtic music is a potent mixture of their traditional Irish base combined with a subtle mix of their Scottish and European influences. Whilst their music is passionate and exciting, it is also rhythmical and solid in structure which makes it ideal as an accompaniment to competitive Irish dancing.

Many of the tunes available on this site have been composed by either Gerry or Seamus, and the sheet music to accompany them is also available for download.

Whilst all downloadable tracks are recorded in strict dance tempo, their innovative style of playing creates an energy and depth to the music which can only inspire and motivate teachers and dancers alike.

Tune of the Month
Gerry & Seamus playing "The Blue Eyed Rascal".
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A lovely set of Heavy Jigs for our Beginner Grade dancers. Three jigs recorded at 80 bpm. (6 min).

The Peeking Pup (Sharon Shannon)
Paddy O'Brien's (O'Brien)
Jig Gan Ainm (Traditional)
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