Gerry Conlon

Gerry Conlon began his musical career in Irish traditional music in his second year at Saint Roch’s secondary school in Glasgow, where he became a founder member of the school ceilidh Band. Under the guidance of the legendary Frank McArdle (principal teacher of Mathematics) he started playing the piano accordion and very quickly progressed from novice to champion. During his traditional music career, Gerry won 12 Great Britain titles and 4 All-Ireland titles on both piano accordion and piano. He also competed in the traditional Scottish music scene and won the All Britain Scottish Piano Accordion Championships in 1982.

At around 16 years of age Gerry was asked to perform as a guest at the finals of the West of Scotland accordion championships and, as he was current Great Britain champion on both Scottish and Irish music, was privileged to do so. During that concert there was an interlude within which a small group of Irish dancers from the John McKenna school of Irish Dancing (An Comhdháil) were due to perform. Unfortunately, the cassette tape to which the dancers were performing had snapped leaving them in a tricky situation! John approached Gerry, knowing he had an Irish music connection, and asked if he could “fill in”. That five minutes of costumes, light shoes, heavy shoes and crowd appreciation marked a very definite start to Gerry’s involvement in Irish dancing and, 30 years later, it’s still going strong.

From the snap of that cassette tape back in 1982 to the present day, Gerry has performed at feiseanna throughout the world. As well as performing extensively in the U.K and Ireland, Gerry has played many times in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and Russia. In fact, most dancers at some point over the past 30 years would have danced to Gerry’s music either at a feis or at class using one of the tapes / CDs he has made with his musical partner, Seamus O’Sullivan.

In 2010, Gerry was commissioned to compose music for the film "Jig The Movie" where he was credited as Musical Consultant. His latest ventures include work with the TLC Network (New York) in the production of the film "The Big Jig" due to be released in October 2012, and work with Keo Films in the making of an Irish Dancing documentary for Channel 4 (UK) called "Irish Dancing Triplets" which will also be released later this year. An exciting year ahead for Irish Dance and The Media!!

Seamus O'Sullivan

Seamus O'Sullivan has been playing accordion and piano for many years and his introduction to feis music came at a feis when he was about 10 years old. The musicians of the feis had not yet returned from lunch and the feis organiser (Seamus' dance teacher) asked him to play a slip jig on the piano to get the feis going again. He was then invited back to the next feis to watch the feis musicians at work and play for half an hour along with them. This exposure gradually increased over a long period of time (some might call it an apprenticeship) until such times as he had enough of a repertoire of tunes and had mastered the ability to play at the correct feis speeds to be able to play his first full feis!

Seamus is from a family of nine children who all had Irish Dance lessons. They originally danced for Charlie Kelly in Glasgow and thereafter they danced for Frances Teece. In 1970 Seamus and most of his siblings all qualified to dance in the World Championships and unfortunately his parents could not afford to take all of them to Dublin to compete. At dinner one evening there was a toss of a coin to decide who should go and Seamus won the toss. He then practiced almost every evening and then he and his mother travelled to Dublin for him to compete in the Under 13 Boys competition in which he placed 4th.

Some 28 years later in 1999 (at 40 years of age!) Seamus won his second World medal as part of Senior Figure and Ceili teams dancing for Setanta (James and Noreen McCutcheon) dancing at the World Championships.

Seamus also plays accordion at many festivals, from the Shetland Islands (Accordion and Fiddle Festival) to Accordion and Fiddle Clubs up and down the country and various cultural festivals in Europe and beyond - but his main interest remains playing Irish Dance music for feisanna both in the UK and Ireland and all around the world.

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