Frequently Asked Questions. We aim to answer any queries you might have concerning how to download your favourite tunes. If for any reason you still have problems, please contact

How do I purchase &
download my music?

1. Choose the tunes that you would like to purchase and click on 'Add to Basket'.

2. Once you have added all the items to the basket, click on 'Checkout' where you will be asked to choose the country you live in.

3. If you would like to buy additional items go to 'Continue shopping', otherwise you will be taken through a series of steps to complete payment.

4. Once your order is complete, the next screen will display the tunes that you have purchased with a download link. You should right click 'SAVE TARGET AS' and save it onto your desktop. It is important that you save it onto your desktop so that you can play the tune in any media player including iTunes.

5. If you have saved your tune onto iTunes, open iTunes, choose the tune you want and save it onto your desktop.

How do I listen to
the sample tunes?
All of the sample tunes can be listened to on RealPlayer. This can be downloaded for free.
If you are having problems using Realplayer,
you can download VLC media player – it is free
and plays all media files correctly.
How do I retrieve
my music from iTunes?

1. In order to retrieve your download from iTunes, go to iTunes and click on the name of the tune, click on it again and drag it onto the desktop.

How do I put my
music onto CD?

Once you have the music file on your desktop, you can create a CD by choosing 'music CD' or 'audio CD' in your writer software before burning the CD.

How do I transfer my ringtone
from my computer to my phone?

There are several ways to transfer the music.

1. The most conventional way is using a USB cable.
Most phones have the option of transferring data via cable. Connect the phone to the computer via the USB cables. Open up the software for transferring files, if applicable. One the link has been established you can download the ringtones to your PC and then transfer them to your phone. As every phone manufacture/model is different we recommend you follow the steps given in the instruction manual.

2. Bluetooth is another way of transferring files. You can transfer your music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology if both your phone and PC / laptop are Bluetooth-capable and have the necessary software installed. The first step is to find the Bluetooth settings for each device and ensure they are turned on. You will then need to pair the devices which may require clicking either 'Pair' or 'Add Devices'. Once the Bluetooth connection is established, you should download the ringtone of your choice to your PC. And finally, transfer the ringtones to your phone using the Bluetooth connection.

3. Transfer via Infra Red (IR). Another wireless option for transferring data, the Infra Red connection can be a bit slow and only a few computers support this option. You will need to ensure compatibility with your phone and PC/laptop and in some cases, you may need to purchase an infrared port adaptor. Follow the guidelines set out in your phone's instruction manual to establish the link between your phone and computer. You will then be able to transfer files wirelessly to your phone.

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